Monday, 9 July 2018

Best Fast Selling Items You can Import for Sale into Nigeria

In our Previous post we reveal to you the secret of How to Start Importation Business in Nigeria, and discussed in details the rules guiding the business.


After the post, I started receiving mails on what are the best things that can be imported for sale here in Nigeria. Now today's post will be revealing those items for you. Although their is nothing been online that can not be imported so far it is not a contraband goods but because of the serious minded people, I have compiled the lists of some products that are light(light materials attract free shipping) and been demanded for by every societies.

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Below are the fast selling products for importation.

1.  FAIRLY USED CLOTHS, BAGS & SHOES: Need I say more about Nigerians’ insatiable appetite for fairly used fashion accessories that are imported from Cotonou and the U.S? Go to Tejuosho market in Yaba and see with your eyes.

Second-hand fashion business (normally termed as Okirika) is booming in Nigeria. So long as Nigerians value these affordable long-lasting clothing over the brand new China wears, it’s not going anywhere.

Traders import these fashion items very cheaply and sell at a high cost. A real profitable business, isn’t it?
2. MOBILE PHONE ACCESSORIES: Nigerians love to pimp out their phones with the latest reigning accessories out there. The good thing is that these products are cheap to buy outside the country and import.

All you need to do is check out the latest accessories out there by visiting popular e-commerce websites like,, and other merchant sites.

Read the customer reviews on those e-commerce sites or on forums like Nairaland and then make your decision on what will sell in Nigeria.




  1. I am really truly learning a lot abt mini importation from here tnx n God bless. I must surely put all I have learnt into practice n will reacjout for help as the case may be. Once more tnx.

  2. I really love this, but still have one thing to ask on whatsApp thanks for the info.