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Free Complete Guide on How to Buy Products from 2021

A simple step to step approach on how you can buy products from 1688 and ship it down to Nigeria without stress.

In one of our post, we explain  to you how you can start mini importation business in Nigeria, in it we explained to you, types of goods that are allowed in Nigeria and various sites these items can be imported cheaply. Read the full guide HERE if you miss the post. One of the site made mentioned in the post is is simply the largest go-to wholesale and sourcing website in China. China is one of the largest manufacturers in the world because of its low labour and production costs. As the result of many big brand that you know(Apple, HP, Louis Vuitton etc) make their products through their factories and contractors based in china. This website is legit and the sellers are real, so these sellers are real and not scammers.

1688 is mainly for wholesales and manufacturing. All suppliers need to get Government business licenses for them to be able to sell their products at All suppliers will also need to pay an annual membership fee of 6888 CNY to express their level of commitment and seriousness for partnership.


A. What is
I’m sure every businessman knows about Alibaba – a very famous company in the world. is a subsidiary of Alibaba in China.

1688. com is only for China’s domestic market (Only Chinese language now) and mainly in B2B, B2C, wholesale and manufacturing of products. Many Chinese businessmen use to find products and other businesses are also catching up to the relatively fair prices for good products.  Have a look around, you will definitely find something that interests you on 1688

B. Difference between and
The difference between the two is that 1688 is mainly for the domestic market and Alibaba is mainly for international business trade. only has Chinese language, only for the Chinese market. is an international platform and can be read in many different languages worldwide. There are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thailand, Turkish, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Dutch, and Hebrew languages.

C. How do I communicate with the suppliers of
Most of the suppliers speak Chinese as it is more of a Chinese business and most of the customers are Chinese. You will need to have an agent with you who can act as your translator or take some quick Chinese lessons for you to order from the business directly. It’s better to find an agent to help you to buy the products, and then send the goods to your address. These are list of some procurement agents in Nigeria: nbcskyeshipping, chrisvicmall, royal gate logistics, anyi nature logistics, choice XP, Joseph logistics, Divine Mercy Logistics, Tugrow. All these agents buy on your behalf and send your products whereever you in any part of Nigeria.

D. Why do Chinese people like to buy products on is a well-known website and at the moment, is the largest wholesale website in China. The Chinese people purchase products from us due to our relatively low prices. Many trading companies also to buy products through and sell them worldwide. There are currently over 50,000 legitimate sellers on You will always find something you need on our website.

E. Do suppliers speaker English?
Most suppliers don’t speak English. But you can use Google Translator to translate English to Chinese and then send your translates to your suppliers.

F. How do I pay suppliers on
There are various payment methods that you can use. Whichever suits you so that you can get the products you wish to buy. Here is a list of the payment methods.

1st method: Pay through AliPay.
2nd method: Pay through Wechat.
3rd method: Pay through your personal bank account.
4th method: Pay through company bank account.

Tips: The suppliers accept RenMinBi (RMB or CNY) only.

The buyers must have import and export licenses if the supplier’s bank account takes US dollars. You need to have an agent to help you with the payment if you want to pay the dollars.

G. How can I find a Agent for my products?
There are several procurement agents that can help you in buying your items, some charge 5% service fee while some charge lesser, you can enroll for our mentorship to know their charge and how they render their services.

H. How can I translate 1688 website to English?
The best browser to use to access this website is Google Chrome browser as it can directly translate webpage content into your preferred language.

Click on this download link: to download the Google Chrome browser.




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