Saturday, 15 June 2019

How to buy Products on Without Using Procurement Agents in Nigeria.

Simple to follow guide in how residence in Nigeria can buy on without the service of procurement Agents.
How can I buy products on without using procurement agents is the questions I do stumbled upon on Facebook groups and other forums, that is why this post is prepared to give answer to the question.

As you all know that is the cheapest website where importers do buy their products because of items their are extremely very cheap.

This website is only meant for Chinese and the store is in China, because of this and some other restrictions preventing people that are not the resident of China, it is so much difficult for Nigerians to buy from the website unless you use agent that will buy the items for you before it will be shipped to Nigeria.

As you know, those agents charges allotted percentage for each products been procure by them, their are some that charges 5%, 10% and likes. Imagine buying a product of 10million and an agent charging you 10% of this money, we all know that the first quality and priority of every business man is to maximize profit.

As an importer, I have tried my best too to import without the use of any agent so as to reduce the cost, I searched for possible solutions online but those that I saw was not helpful and those that know the solution are demanding for money to reveal the secrets to me. Well atlast I stumbled on the solution and am here to give you all for free.

I will be introducing to you two app that can help you solve the problem and the two apps are WeChat and Alipay app.

WeChat allows you to chat with the manufacturer and atimes it helps you to bit down the prices been displayed on, it has a payment gateway by which you can make payment to your Suppliers.

WeChat also gives you the advantages of knowing other products a manufacturer is having in stock. Transactions made on WeChat cannot be reversed, once you and your manufacturer reach and agreement and you have made your payment, arise in any circumstances will not cancel the deal.

Alipay account is also a payment gateway by which you pay your supplier in yuan. For Nigerians to set up account on Alipay, you must have a valid international passport and Master or Verve ATM card.

The hindrance in this is that before you can fund your account, you must have a Chinese bank account from which you can fund your Alipay account. The only alternative for this to use money exchange agent which will help you fund the account and you will pay them back in naira.

Transactions on Alipay is more safer and it is the best because it is covered by the escrow. if in any case you are not satisfied by what your supplier gives to you, your Money will be refunded.

Escrow is an intermediary between you and the supplier, when you make payment, it goes to them and they withold the money till you tell them you get your products and you are satisfied with it before they will pay the supplier and if it other way round, they refund your money too.

Hope this post insightful and gives solution on how you can purchase your items on without using procurement agent. In our future post, I will be teaching you how to have this app on your phone and PC, how set up your account on Alipay and how to fund it.

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  1. Can I use someone's else international passport incase if i don't have n how do I open the account in China

    1. Don't use another person's international passport but you can create an account using the full details of that person and use it to buy your products. Keep visiting this blog time to time, we are still going to treat how you can create China account just that we have so many things on the desk for now.

  2. I have read so much about this but I'm still in the dark over one thing which is "how do I beige the gap between the supplier and the shipping agent" for instance I agree I can buy directly from supplier, how will I get it shipped down to my destination? Considering the fact that I can't send my own address to the seller... Please what's is the process in between? How do I get address of the international shippers? Thanks you for your answers

  3. Even sourcing for product on the app is difficult because of the language barrier, how do I deal with this? Also, how do I know I'm dealing with a genuine supplier who will ensure my goods are shipped to the right logistics company to be sent to me? Pls reply me🙏🙏

  4. You talked about money exchange agent. Please, I need further explanation. Also, my passport expired April 2020, can I still use it.