Saturday, 15 June 2019

How to Create, Verify and Fund your Alipay Account in Nigeria 2021

Create and fund Alipay account: How Residence of Nigeria can have their own Alipay account set up, Verified and funded.
In our last tutorial on how you can buy directly from the manufacturer without using procurement agent, I told you then that Alipay and WeChat are the essential tools you need to buy on without using procurement agents. Despite it restrictions, Alipay account is still very easy to set up and you can use it at the convinence of your home.

Before divulging into how you can set up, verify and fund your Alipay account, let us firstly look into the benefits attached to this account.

Benefits of Alipay Account
1. Shop on most of Chinese website, including Taobao, and Tmall
2. Transfer money to your friends
3. Pay credit card bills
4. Invest in mutual fund with Alibaba
5. Pay phone bills
6. Go Dutch
7. Get a taxi
8. Check bank balance
9. In-store purchase for selected supermarket, restaurants and vending machines

Alipay Account Requirements
* International Passport
* Master/Verve Card

How to Create and Verify Alipay Account

Before you can create the account, you must have had an account with either or and if you are yet to do that, learn how to do that HERE before proceeding with following steps below:
1. Download the Alipay APP
Go to your Google play store and type "Alipay" and tap on your search button. Install the app and input the same username and password of your either or same username and password works for the three accounts)
2. Open the “Me” section of the APP
3. Enter the “My Account: Cards, Membership” section
4. Tap on the “My Cards – Add Now” button
5. Set a six digit payment password

6. Tap on “My Cards – Add Now” again
7. Add your bank card number after entering the transaction password that you have set during step 5
8.Fill your bank card information
Make sure to enter your name the way it is displayed in your bank statements.
Enter your ID details:
As Nigerian, Select Passport as ID type
9. Enter the SMS phone verification confirmation code.
And that’s it, you’re done!

How to fund your Alipay Account 

As a Nigerian, you cannot fund your Alipay account yourself unless you have Chinese MasterCard, you need an exchanger that will fund it for you, you will send barcode to the exchanger with naira equivalent and he/she will credit your account with yuan.

The video below explain more better on how you can create, verify and fund your Alipay account.

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