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How to Import Directly from Manufacturers and Make Above 200% Profit

As we all know that we are in the era where mini Importation business is one of the fastest growing business now in Nigeria, many people are into it and they are making their cool cash with less or little efforts by importing directly from manufacturer and the convincing part of the story is that they are making above  200% profit.

In this post I will be revealing the secrets of where these large e-commerce website buys from, you can as well be like them and where I become so much pleasant with the story is that you can buy at a very low quantity due to the low budget or for personal use.

WHAT IS MINI IMPORTATION ? importation is simply importing goods in small scale from another country into your country to sell and make good profit..You buy cheap and bring down to home and sell high.

Some times I wish I had started mini importation early, God knows I would have become a billionaire. Even tho I had known about MINI IMPORTATION for a very long time, as at 2016, I just was not sure if I should go into it, because all the trainings was being held online and the trainers were requesting for ridiculous training fees.

I was so scared of scammers, scamming my small change lol, i went to google and made some research and I tried importing on my own, without any prior knowledge, I used a shipping company that charged me 3 times more than the money for goods, my goods arrived in a month, I was in debt because I didn't make profit.

l couldn't sell all my goods I imported, it was sad, everything was home for a long while.

Then I thought to myself, why not take the risk and pay for this mini importation training and just learn this thing once and for all or quit mini Importation, I was skeptical at first then I decided to go all in, I paid for Mentorship for months and became a pro.

I started importing goods from bags to hair and now I've decided to stick with health products because that where the money is. I can proudly say I make 6 figures monthly on this business.

So I said to myself, self! since I was given this opportunity even tho it was expensive, I needed to impact others, I don't want them to make the same mistake I made and bring them into the know of this wealth creation business...

Before I use to think importation was mainly for the rich people that have huge capital (big money), I use to think it's for people that can invest up to 1million Naira.

But Now, with even N15,000 you can invest into mini importation ( the right goods), not all goods can give you the best profit margin, with N15,000 if invested in the right goods, you can make up to 100% profit.

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China is this china is that, Do you know all electronics are make in china. Many of us will be thinking but china has so many substandard products and all, So why China of all other countries

As you may already know (or don’t know), most products in the world today are manufactured in Asia, particularly China. Toys, home appliances, accessories, computers, laptops, mobile phones and even Apple’s iPads are made in China.

Let’s try to verify this by doing a quick check of the products that are around you right now, You would be amazed that roughly 4 out of 5 things around you were manufactured in China, Or let's say 95% are made in china and assembled in other countries.

Apart from food products, China is the Number One source of all the hot-selling and fast moving consumer products you know. China is one of the cheapest manufacturers in the world because of its low labour and production costs. As a result, many of the big brands that you know (Apple, HP, Louis Vuitton etc) make their products through factories and contractors based in China.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because many people in Africa have come to suspect Chinese products to be low quality, While this may be true, I don’t think we should blame the Chinese, after all, China also produces many of the high quality products in America and Europe.

Ok that being said, I will be introducing us to 2 major cheapest quality Chinese websites that has china manufacturers. This is the website that Chinese manufacturers list their products for Chinese retailers to purchase and resell on other websites. The manufacturers on this website sells to retailers that live in china, Only residence in china and this retailers then sells to the world on

This websites are: and There are more but we will work on this two, because they are the cheapest so far

These 2 websites are written in Chinese, It was made solely to help their economy, It is made for only Chinese, That's why it's not in English. To prove to you that the products on this website is very cheap.

I will throw in example and you will be shocked. For our ladies here look at this hair, How much do you think you will get it on Instagram Or even at a shop

I will compare the price of this hair on and of Instagram, Check this out➤➤➤
I got this from Instagram(image 2), The one on is a wig and this from Instagram is a weavon. This person is giving this out for #36000.

Let me tell you how much this one on (image1) cost in naira, We all know as they sell hairs all over Iagos, #30,000 to #50,000 or even more. But on this website It is just ¥34.65 on this site, The exchange rate is 57naira for 1 yuan, that means a wig is 34.65 x N57 = N1976 for one wig. With shipping, let's say 1,000 that's 2,976. Let's even Approximate it to N3000 and even if you decide to sell the hair for 8k that's N5,000 gain. Your profit margin is Way over 100% profit to be made.

Let's look at another example.
See the video of how it work below

These stuffs are called bare lifts, they actually help in lifting the breasts for women who have small breasts and don't need bra, women who wear backless dresses and the likes.

 It sells for 1.1 yuan....that is like 70 naira. On Jumia, this item sells N1500 - N2,000 per one. Lets just imagine someone buys 50 pieces of this, that's about 5000 naira Plus shipping maybe N8,000 in all. Let's say you sell it at N1,000 each, That's 50k for just the cost price of 8k

How do you see that? That's over 200% profit margin, Are we following at all ? This is an eye opener for those that are serious about making wealth.

l will show you more examples that's will wow you. You shouldn't even think twice about it, any business that gives you over 200% profit margin and it's legit, it is the perfect business to go into.

Let me show you more example of cheap products you can find on
Watch this video

Let's compare the price of this magnetic eye lashes with that of Instagram sellers

If you open the picture and look at the bottom text, you'll see the price, This person sells this eyelash which is not even a magnetic lashes for N2k. I couldn't find the magnetic lashes online in Nigeria.

This magnetic lashes sells for 2k to 4k on instagram and in this picture above, it sells for Just 7.2yuan that's about 7 x N57. That's about 400 naira, even if you sell this for 2k.

I don't think it is bad. Please just do this calculation and see the wowing profit afterwards.....
Let's say you buy 20 pieces of this lashes
N400 x 20 = N8000 plus Shipping N2000=N10,000
You can sell it at an higher fee. The sweet part of the lashes is that it's reusable, So people wil be so interested in buying it from you
20 pieces x N2,000 = N40,000
N40,000 - N10,000 = N30,000
Your profit is 30k.

Before I continue, this example shown above are just small, compared to other products on the website, when you go to the website, compare their products prices with jumia products prices and you will be wowed.

Check this out

This this a Nigerian own makeup brand owned by a lady like you and I

This lady spoke to a manufacturer to help her brand a product with her name on it, With their name branded on the products.

For the ladies here that Want to become their own CEO, They can open their own makeup Line, She now has her own lipstick line. Search her on Instagram. You just have to chat with the manufacturer on wechat and you're good to go.

Let me share a story of a student to you. Ok. This is how it went, He simply went to make enquiries about a particular product on and found out it was sold for about 7,000naira, Then as a copy writer (content creator) he went ahead and designed a sales page for the product. It's most likely it's an health product because the guy focuses majorly on health.

Now, his aim was to sell this product for 25,000naira. That's a profit of 18,000naira on a product. He then went to his dollar Facebook ads account and ran an advert spending 10$ per day, 10$ is about 3700naira and he ran the advert for 15days. This means he spent 55,500naira just on ads.

 Luckily, he only has to pay after the threshold has been reached. Those running ads will know about this. Remember he does not even have the product at hand, He only went to make enquiries online on and he designed a sales page (website) for it. He only pays for the product when he has confirmed order.

A confirmed order is a order that you sure the person will pay or has paid part of the money for the product. At the end of 15days, he sold off 15 of those products.
25,000 each - N7,000 = 18,000naira
18,000naira x 15= 270,000naira
270,000- 55,500= 210,500naira
 He paid 1,000naira for each delivery made.

That's a profit of 195,000naira, Just in 15 days and this are for those willing to pay immediately, You can see the simple math. This is how someone made 195,000 Naira in 15 days. That's more than a bankers monthly salary.

A lot of young men and women are into and they are making millions
You can go start this business on your own with this information I have given you or...
You can enroll for our MENTORSHIP & MASTER CLASS.

Do not be a doubting Thomas this is what I do and I'm making millions from it, I want to believe that with this little information you've been taught today you can start making millions from this business.

Most people try to do it themselves and they get stuck.

In our MENTORSHIP & MASTERCLASS you will learn:
*- How to buy from the & and more cheap Chinese websites*
*- How to start up your business with low capital *
*- How to get hot selling and trendy products and cheap products*
*- Connection to our agents that will ship products to you at your home*
*- How to spot good quality goods *
*- How to market and boost your sales with Facebook and Instagram advertising *

If you don't have a good phone or even a laptop to sort for goods, we can help you with that, We will give you numbers of our agents in china so you don't have to go to the website, you just chat with them on whatsapp.

Allow me mentor and guide you in every step of the way, till you become good at doing it yourself don't take that risk and loose money.

Some people shop products and people end up not buying it, not because the product is not good but because the market doesn't need it at that time. We will teach you how to know what your market needs at the moment. We even help our student sort for very very cheap products and make up to 200% profit.

I want you all to know that the wonderful part about this importing is that, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to do this, all you need is your phone or laptop, chrome browser, whatsapp and subscription and if you have a regular 8-5 job, it also doesn't affect you importing and making your cool money, I will teach you how to manage both

The second wonderful part of it is that you don't have to be a top class computer person to be able to do this, a very regular person can go ahead and do all this on just their phone when duly taught.

With just a little money in your account(as little as 15000 to 20000, you can import goods directly to your house with no single stress.

Yes I have, believe me when I said 200% profit this is a business I know and I've even seen up to 500% profit before, I'll show you how to sell it off before the goods touch down Nigeria.

Our write-up are self explanatory and we have videos that will help you the more on the Importation business. We have video on Facebook ads webinar that you can use to promote your products and company too. Take the bold step now and have your financial freedom

Message me on Whatsapp with the number below if you are ready for the training.

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  1. I give kudos to Emmanuel he is my mentor he instructed me on this mini importation and am able to import from 1688 without problem am so happy I picked up my items today kudos to you boss more Grace to you, keep it up

    1. Thanks, we are here to give you the best, keep checking to get more of our services.

  2. How much is the training, please?

  3. How much is the training please?