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Steps on How to Research for Hot Selling Products on

As a person venturing into mini Importation business with little capital, knowing how to research for hot selling products, that  is knowing what people will buy on 1688 is a very essential step to be taken in mini Importation business.
The main reason for success in mini importation business with small capital is by getting cheap products from any of the wholesaler’s website from China like,, and

As hot and addictive coca cola is in the marketplace today they still spend millions in marketing the products on a daily basis, so therefore ” Good marketing will make any product hot in the market” so the main focus should be on how are you going to market the product don’t just think because the market needs the products it will sell itself. Although their are few practical ways on on how to research hot selling products from and all the steps will be treated in this post.

Below are the  Steps on how to research hot selling products

1. Search for products under 5$ at aliexpress from experience most of those products are hot selling products and don’t forget to look also the related products displayed alongside the product. Once you have an idea of a product from use the products to research on

2. search for hot selling products in local online shops by looking at the number of people who buy such products, for instance, look for hot selling products in jumia, aliexpress and jiji and research on such products in and also takes note of the related products.

3. Common sense, this is using your native intelligence on researching products you should know that importing goods that you don’t have access to the circles of your customers can make the products dormant for instance importing luxury goods where you don’t have access to rich people that will need them directly because of such people its difficult to get them online.

4. there are two major ways to research on, text with keywords or search with image but there are other ways to research on 1688 is for you to research with Chinese words for instance, if you want to search for this hot selling product called “emoji bag” all you need to do is go to google translate and translate to China and use the Chinese keyword of emoji bag on to search for it.

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I see in forums and facebook groups questions on how to get hot selling products from and other Chinese website but very few talks about marketing the products, I believe the four steps highlighted above will provide superb solutions to these question.

Below is the practical video that explain more on how to research hot products on

Do you have any other method on how one can research for hot selling products, kindly share it with us in the comment section.

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