Wednesday, 3 July 2019

How to Become Data Reseller in Nigeria(SME Data Business) 2022

Data Reseller: Comprehensive guide on how you can become data Reseller (SME Data Business) in Nigeria.
Am sure you came across this post by researching how you can make money by starting data sharing business popularly known as Share and Share Data or SME Data.

I also have once been in this shoe too, those that are doing the business even refused to share the knowledge with me and those that I saw online are requesting for payment of their eBook before the secret can be refilled.

This post worth collecting money for and it one of the business that is stress free and you can do it anywhere even without physical contact with your customers but i will unveil the secret for you freely today.

In my course of research, I find out that their are many wholesales company offering this services and among them are and

This post will be focusing on how to start data selling business on allows you to buy cheapest data for all networks in Nigeria, become a data reseller without share limit that is share data to unlimited numbers of people and the need to renew validity of data.

Worried about your data expiring before getting customers to sell data to? Or you are looking for alternative to the traditional way of sharing data through USSD codes or SMS which has a share limit and can be discouraging for people with little capital.

If all that is stated above is your concern, then worry not as you have got the right information. Information is power as people would say. With this new data selling company, all you need is fund a virtual wallet and start buying data at the cheapest rate you can find.

You can either buy data for yourself or subscribe data for others, adding your own profit to the cost of data and profiting from selling data as low as 250mb without worrying about any issues common with selling through USSD or buying directly from network providers which require very high initial capital investment.

What is a data selling or reselling business?

Data selling or reselling business is a business in which individuals or business companies buy data in large scale directly from telcommunication companies like; Glo, MTN, 9mobile or Etisalat and Airtel, and then resell those data to end users in smaller quantity, making profits from each sales.

But, with this method I'm sharing with you, there has been the elimination of the need to have high enough capital to buy these data inorder to resell in smaller quantities. Infact, sales of data with profit begins with the purchase of the smallest quatity of data you can buy.
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