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How to make Antiseptic and Medicated Bathing Soap(bar Soap making)

How to make Antiseptic and Medicated Soap. comprehensive guide on how to start bathing soap business with little capital.(Both Antiseptic and medicated)
How to make Antiseptic and Medicated Bathing Soap

Soap making business is one of the a mega money yielding machine business in the sense that soap is a daily used commodities that we can not do without and it been consumed on daily basis. 

There are different types of soap ranging from liquid, toilet, laundry and bathing soap(Antisepic and Medicated) The modes of producing them are different and the chemicals used are slightly different. But am guiding you on how to produce bathing bar soap because the raw materials needed in this soap making is affordable and readily available and it yields more gain and returns.

Soap making is a business you can go into in this period of reccession, with little capital worth of #2000, Soap making business is lucrative and offers reliable and constant revenue for business men and women who are producing and those marketing soap wholesales or retails. If you are in doubt, please ask the nearest soap seller on your street how often he or she visits the market to replenish his or her stock. 

Our focus here is on how to produce bathing soap on a small scale. There are various methods of production, but two are outstanding. The hot and cold method. The hot method involves boiling the chemicals in a mixture.

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Oil: the commonly used oil for soap production includes. 
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Fatty acid
  • Bleached palm oil (tests raw palm oil and make sure it does not contain common salt by adding little quantity of fermented caustic soda into it. Then mix with stick, if it blends together the oil is okay for use
Caustic soda: this is the base chemical used in the production of soap. It is whitish in colour and   sugar like

Soda ash: increases the quantity of soap also acts as a foaming agent improves hardness of soap. It is whitish in colour and garri like

Sodium sulphate: it increases the quantity of soap and increases the durability of soap. it is whitish in colour and in powdery form

Kaolin or calcium: it acts as a forming agent. it is whitish in colour and in powdery state

Colourant: this determine the colour of soap, it might liquid or powder

Perfume: this determine the odour of soap e.g rose, h&R, B&B, Apple, Lemon, Blue Water, passion etc.

Disinfectants: Examples of this are Lysol or Dettol, Benzyl Benzoate, Igarsan, Trilosan and Chloroxylenol. They are all use for killing Germs.



Fermentation is the process whereby the powdery chemicals e.g caustic soda, ash, sodium sulphate e.t.c  is turn into solution before use. Two plastic bowls are involved for the fermentation process.

One (1) cup of caustic soada plus one sixth (1/6) of kaolin plus 3 cups of water is fermented for atleast 48 hours. For best result, leave it for 5-7 days.

1 caustic soda +  1/kaolin + 3 cup of water the least hydrometer reading should be 1275 maximum, if not up  to it, add more water and cover the bowl  for  48 hours.

One (1) cup of soda ash plus one eight (1/8) cup of sodium sulphate plus 4 cups of water (i.e 1 soda ash + 1/8 sodium sulphate + 4 cups of water) is fermented for atleast 24 hours. The least hydrometer should be 1200

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