Sunday, 22 September 2019

How to Become Successful Fashion Designer

Do youn have passion for Tailoring and Become Professional in it? If so, this post is highly Recommended for you to become a successful Fashion Designer.

There is no formal education in becoming successful fashion designer but that doesn’t make foat any easier. To become a fashion designer, you will need to have a combination of drawing, sewing and design skills, knowledge of fashion industry and unparallel perseverance. You will also need to create a strong portfolio and strengthen your knowledge of business and finance in general.

1. Develop your skills:  Successful fashion designers  have a wide array of skills including drawing, that is ability to visualize
2.  Start developing these skills at younger age 
3.  Learn more
4. Decide which designing field is okay for you.
5. Downsize your ego

Is learning tailoring your strong desire?

Are you interested in learning fashion design in  benin city? Then read the following carefully, we represent thriving fashion outfit that have training as part of their portfolio and competences. By signing up with us you have the opportunity to get loads of vital theoretical and practical experiences.

We strongly prefer calls from those who are ready to start immediately and also from those that will be attending class regularly and not an intermediary. You can reach us on 08130926995, 08151469333.

Registration has started for our next batch in September. Become a professional fashion designer after3-6 months of training with us.

At complete fashion benin city, we teach pattern drafting, fashion illustration, fabric selection, beading of igele, Ankara Note pad.


  • ·         Cleaning and oiling of machines
  • ·         Assembling and threading
  • ·         Matching and straight sewing
  • ·         Lining and irons
  • ·         Joining and folding
  • ·         Heming of fabric
  • ·         Zip sewing, Botton and hooks
  • ·         Tape measurement
  • ·         Sewing of wrapper
  • ·         Sewing of gowns
  • ·         Sewing of skirts of all type
  • ·         Sewing of blouses
  • ·         Cutting and Sewing of different garment
  • ·         Professional exams and certification
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