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How to Track Your AliExpress Order

Self Explanatory Guide on How Buyers Can Successfully Track their AliExpress Order.
You have ordered for your items and you wish to track it, that is monitor the movement and the arrival of your items. How do you track how far along your items are in the delivery process? To get this done, this post is made available to put through the steps needed to achieve it.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to check the status of your order from

How To Track an AliExpress order:

1. Log into your AliExpress account.

2. Input your login details and sign in.

3. Move the mouse cursor over your name, click My Orders, and click Orders Awaiting Delivery.

4. Click View Detail beside the order that you want to track.

5. Click Refresh to see the latest status of your order, or visit the courier's website and type in your order's tracking number.
Below are the detail explanations of the above steps.

Guide on How to Track an AliExpress Order

1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

2. Move your mouse cursor over your name in the top-right corner and click My Orders. Then, click the Orders Awaiting Delivery heading. (If you can't find the order that you want to track here, try the Orders Awaiting Shipment heading instead)
3. Find the order that you want to track, and near its shipping status, click View Detail.
4. You will see your order's shipping provider, tracking number, and delivery status details. To update these details, click Refresh.
If you want more specific details, go to the shipping provider's website (the "Details" section here may provide you with a hyperlink to there that you can click) and enter your tracking number there.

Note: It atunes take up to 3 days for a courier to change your tracking information, and that of your order's tracking number may change. 

If after 3 days, you cannot get any tracking information for your order, or you have entered your order's tracking number on the courier's website and do not tally with your order, get in touch with the seller. They may be able to figure out where your order is.

Below is the video that explains to you on How you can Track AliExpress Order using AliExpress Mobile App.
The above write gives you the detail explanation on how you can track your orders on AliExpress

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