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Comprehensive Guide on Digital Marketing

Comprehensive Guide on Digital Marketing. What is and How to Start Digital Marketing.



Digital marketing means the promotion of goods and services online. Not just social media but on any online marketing platform

In 2017, it was recorded that 72.4% Nigerians use the internet and that number has rose to 113.3% this year 2019.

It has also being predicted that by the year 2023, the number will rise to 187.8%

Also, the number of smartphone users in Nigeria rose from 11% in 2014 to 23.3% in 2019.

This shows that, the online space has become a big market place for every business or entrepreneur to leverage on and make profit.

Another statistics reveal that unemployment rate in Nigeria is 23.1% now and the Nigerian Government projects that it will reach 33.5% by the year 2020.

So, when there is no work to do and you have the online space to start up a business, what should hold you back???

Only a third of 1.8 million graduates churned out each year are likely to be absorbed into the labour market.

To help you understand this better, you should know that digitalization is fast taking over the world today. Digital Marketing is what everybody should strive for, Marketing whatever you do online, not only would you reach a wider audience from all over Nigeria, Africa and World and to also reduce cost.

Digital Marketing has made business easy that you don't need a space, rent somewhere or buy appliances, you can just work at the comfort of your home, just from the comfort of your home, you could reach thousands and millions of people just with your Smartphone or Laptop. So no matter what business you do, no matter goods you sell, no matter the service you render, digital marketing is what you should go into in the year 2020.


Digital Marketing course comes from two sides, where you could create career opportunity in this is either applying this knowledge to build your own business, like whatever you do, applying what you learnt to know how to market yourself online, how to market your goods and services online to reach a wider audience or you could be a digital marketer that teaches other business owners on how to utilize digital platforms for their businesses.

So these comes in two ways, you can choose to apply the knowledge for yourself or help promote yourself online or you can choose to help other business owners promote their goods and services online and get paid for it. Doing both is the best.


Now, how do you get started? First of all, you must understand that digital marketing is very broad, I could remembered when I took the course, the course gives basic knowledge on all Digital channels.

It reaches about E-commerce, Social Media Management, S.E.M (search engine marketing), S.E.O (search engine optimization), App Development and many more.

These are all aspects of digital marketing and you cannot do everything, so that was what confused me at first, I didn't know where to start from, I got a certificate and I was like what next?

The first step is to choose an aspect of digital marketing you want to go into, for instance now social media management is an aspect of digital marketing, you cant be in all channels if digital marketing at once, you have to niche down to one aspect of digital marketing you want to focus on. So it could be social media marketing, it could S.E.O, it could be S.E.M, it could be App development e.t.c so choose the aspect of digital marketing you want to go into, you can't say you want to be in all round of digital marketing because it will leave you confused. Yes you can learn up to 2 or 3 aspect.

I know of someone that is a social media manager, web designer and app developer. So you have to choose the specific aspect of digital marketing you want to specialize on, so that when they think of these particular aspect of digital marketing, they think about of you. Another is that that before you choose a particular aspect you want to go into, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is this aspect of digital marketing going to ne needed in 2-3 years? The world is fast developing and there are some skills that are relevant now and will not be relevant in 2-3 and how do you get that, you can just go to Google and type in the demand skills for future, from their you would decide what type of digital marketing you should go for.

2. Is this skill in demand? It means do people really need this type of digital marketing, if they need it to promote their services and business, to make their business reach a wider audience and if it will truly solve their problem of online marketing.

3. Can I get money from this? Ask yourself if you could you the skill to make money. So basically digital marketing answers three of these questions. You just have to choose a particular niche you want to focus on, that is the first step in creating a profitable digital marketing career.

Now that you have decided the aspect you are focusing on, the next step is to take is to know more about the the aspect of the Digital Marketing, for instance, if you decided to go for social media management, S.E.O, web management, etc you should study more about that.

For instance, social media management is the aspect that help people promote their goods and services on social media, Now you have to go deeper to learn how you can make these work, what are the strategies? what are the secrets? Trust me every digital marketing platform has it secrets and each strategies you must apply.

The next step to take is to know more about the aspect you chose, put yourself into learning, look for mentors who already doing that thing, look for communities either on Facebook or Twitter that discuss your chosen niche, learn from them, take courses online, you could become an intern in digital marketing firm, you could volunteer your services for free for a particular firm that is into digital marketing and from their you will learn alot.

So after choosing a particular aspect of digital marketing you want to go into, then you learn more about it, these apply whether you are choosing it to create a digital marketing career for yourself in order to teach other how to apply Digital Marketing strategies to their business and get paid or if you want to to apply the learnt skill to you business and services.

You could go on YouTube to watch videos that teaches your chosen aspect, attend digital marketing events, read books, acquire to know more about that particular aspect you chose as career.


The next step is to start build your brand intentionally as a digital marketer especially online, choose a social media that are best for you, if you are a business owner that apply Digital Marketing knowledge for his/her business, choose best social media and these depends on two major factors, first is your type of business and second is your target audience. 

For instance if you are fashion designer, you should know that you should go for visual media platform, you know twitter is of text and less pix, Instagram is of more pictures than text, while Facebook combine pictures and text.

So as a business owner, you must know the best for the kind of business you are doing or services you render. If you sell a visual products for example If you are fashion designer or you are into mini Importation, the best platform for you is Facebook and Instagram, if you are a teacher or politician or your business require lots of talking, you should know that the best platform for you is Twitter.

After choosing the aspect of digital marketing you want to go into, create a bio personal for the people that are going to be needing your services, and as a starter, I will advice you not to go for more than two social media platform because if you do so, you are going to burn out in little time, choose the best two platforms for your goods and services and work very hard to grow them, concentrate on the two very well and keep growing them almost all the time.

Then branding comes in play, remember you want your target audience to see you as an expert in that field, it is when they see you as an expert they can trust you enough with their money in exchange of your services or goods, so you have to brand yourself intentionally.

Let us start from your social media platforms most especially on Facebook, in the provided place that required your information, optimize your bio very well, tell people about what you do, not about am a Christian, I love music, I Love gossiping etc. Let the page inform them of what you do. For instance if you are social media management, put "am a social media marketer, I will help present your goods and services to millions of people on social media". Optimize your bio and tell people of what you do.

Then your profile picture, am been very practical in this, have a professional profile picture and let it be just two, it be very clear and professional. You can go to studio to snap with a very nice outfit. You can also upload your business logo, an image that give a clear and understandable description about your goods or services.

You must let people see you as as someone that is serious and someone they can do business with. Another thing is that you should disallow people people from tagging you unnecessarily, it won't speak well if someone heard of about you that you render a particular service, the Person now cone to your wall to make further enquiries, instead of the person to see posts on your services, the person started seeing unnecessary post that you are tag with. This type of attitude looks unprofessional.

Clean up your wall, social media serve as a new CV, Ensure you always make a post on the services you render, teach and inform people on what you do, try to do this consistently so that when time come for you to ask money in exchange of your services, people will be willing to entrust you with their money and before you make any content, know what your target audience want, don't just create content anyhow, know their pain point.

You can ask them the problem they are facing in their businesses, you can visit www.answerthepublic.com to know what people are asking for in your niche and create content that solve it. It when you create content that give them value that they will focusing and looking forward to your posts.

Let me talk more on content, content is the life of any business or services that you render. Content is what will promote your income or what will make people to trust you and give you their money. We have different type of content, we have videos, texts, audios and infographics.

The one commonly used is texts. The next thing is for you to decide the easiest way you can let people know about what you do. Some people don't love writing, they are lazy writers but perform better when it comes to talking, know what you are best at and use it to teach your target audience.

Also note that your medium of expression also affect the social platform. Videos are best use on Instagram, text on twitter while Facebook combine video, text and picture. Another thing is that, always try to make your content catchy, many people don't love reading a long post, only when it is interesting they read to the end. Try to always infuse humor in your content if it is possible.

Ways to Market Yourself.

Well let me be plain here, it will be very difficult putting your goods and services online and make Money from it as a newbie because we have a lot of people doing samething as yours and your target audience might be dealing with them too. It will actually take time for them to start trusting you. Below are various ways you can market yourself.

1. You must understand that people are result driven, they want to see result of what you have done, they don't care about the process but if everything is going to give them desired result, that is all what they want and before they can give you their money, they must be able to have track record of what you have done.

This is too difficult for a newbie to have such track record, you can't tell a client that you know how to design a website and he/she is unable to access any of the site you have designed because you are just starting and you don't have one as at that particular time.

The solution to this is to render a volunteering service, you should render a free service of designing a website to one of your clients, this will give you the opportunity of having a tracking record, so when you have another client, you can easily present the one you did freely as a proof.

2. Another thing is that you should be able to get testimonies, people believe in what other said about you than what you said about yourself and this is very peculiar to businesses. For instance now, I will believe if someone said John is an expert in S.E.O, I will believe if someone said to be that John knows how to optimize a website and the website will comes up on Google first page than John telling me all this by himself, the person is more liable to tell me the truth than John because the person has nothing to loose.

Now as a newbie, how do you gather testimonies to show to your clients to let them believe that you are an expert in that field?

The solution to this is to teach others about what you do. For instance now, I will trust a person doing paint work and still teaches other people how to paint than a person doing doing only paint work. I will see the person that paint and teach as an expert. So during the course of teaching others in what you specialized on, request for their experience about what you are teaching them, ask them for their result and tell them to share their testimonies. These testimonies can now be gathered and present to your new clients.

3. The next one is collaboration/Influencer marketting. Influencer marketting is getting someone who is already an expert or perceived as an expert in the same field you are into to promote you. For instance now everybody knows Patrick Ogidi as mini Importation trainer, you as a newbie in that field can reach for him for recommendations, No one will doubt if Patrick Ogidi tell them you are a mini Importation trainer, believe me, the second day, you are going to get hundreds of mails from people reaching you to train them on mini Importation.

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4. The last one is creating Digital products, this is diversifying your means of income and also building credibility. It is the credibility that will make people to determine if they will trust you with their money or not. Focus on building credibility towards people around you. Create digital products, write ebooks, create audio courses, do things that you don't need to be their before making money.

This is more like a passive income, for example, you are a web designer, you have trained people on how they could build and design websites, also create an ebooks which you can sell to people on how they can build and design websites too. For you to write something about what you do, it does two things, it makes people to see you as an expert in that field and it diversify your source of income.

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