Wednesday, 1 April 2020

3 Copywriting Secrets to Always Make Your Offers Irresistible.

Three Copywriting secrets for entrepreneurs to always make your offers Irresistible.
I know, I understand...You've probably read so many posts on offers. But, whether you're into physical, digital or the service-based business...

These 3 secrets will make your offers a lot more enticing...especially if you're still not getting the much conversions. I'll make it a bit snappy too...

SECRET 1: A Goat for A Cow Technique:

The goat for a cow technique means that you need to give them the impression that what they are getting is way more than what you are asking for.

Here's what I mean...

Let's say you're selling an eCom product and you price it at N9,500. To get them to feel like that 9.5k is LESSER compared to what they're getting...

You need to increase the level of VALUE they attach to your stuff.


There are so many ways. One way is through BONUSES.

Take a look at this...Which of these two offers will you go for?

FIRST OFFER: "Get this Roushun Aleo Vera Cream for just N7,500. Delivery fee is N2000 outside Lagos"

SECOND OFFER: "If you buy this Roushun Aleo Vera Cream...You'll get A Roushun Face Mask(worth N3,500 for FREE) + FREE Delivery to your doorstep.

Normally, to get the Aleo Vera Cream + Face Mask + Delivery will cost you N15,000

But pay only N9500 to claim this VALENTINE PROMO if you order today + FREE Delivery Nationwide"

You see how I just made the second option look a lot more enticing? But, it's the same price oo. It's all about influencing their perception. Shikenan!

And you'll have an irresistible offer. The thing is, people like awoof. Although, we like to pretend that we don't, but we're humans and still vulnerable to our innate desire to "own more for less".

And when the mind sees OFFERS as such, it feels like its making a "wise decision", "saving money" or "cutting costs". Now go and think of how to use that to your advantage.

SECRET 2:  The Time-Bomb Effect:

Imagine if you're in high school. And they'll soon begin to chase students away for school fees but, you are yet to pay yours too.

Then, something happened... Your principal comes to the assembly ground and says; "We will soon start chasing those who are owning our school fees, but we will not penalize you for not paying on time again. We know that things are hard in this country. So, there won't be anything like "late registration fees" again.

How will you feel?

Relaxed, right? Why? Because there is no PRESSURE, There is no deadline, No tension, and there is no need to even bother yourself about paying on time, even though you know that you're supposed to.

You see?

There is one funny thing about the human mind, When you don't make it feel like there is punishment for inaction. It convinces the body to act lazy. That is why people laze around when there are no deadlines. It's also the reason why you'll "rush" to the bank to deposit because it's already 3:20pm and they close by 4:00pm.

So how can you use this to write copy?


Create scarcity and then blend it with urgency. For example; After stating your main offer and all the "benefits" they'll get when they buy your course on mini-importation.

I'm just assuming oo, You can proceed with something like; "...if you're among the first 5 people to register...You'll get a Never-Released Video Where I Carefully took 33 Minutes – 21 Breakdown My 7 Killer Negotiation Secrets on Making Chinese Procurement Agents Give You a Discount on Every Order You Make(worth N10,000) for FREE. But, this offer expires by 11:59pm today.

If you pay after that time, you won't get the bonus. Or you'll have to an extra N5,000 to get the course and WITHOUT the bonuses, still".

But that's not a perfect way to apply it. I'm just making those examples up to give you a hint on how to apply it in a real SALES LETTER.

SECRET 3: It Must "heal" A Particular Wound:

It converts more when it satisfies a particular desire. The trick is to make it look like the only pill that can heal their pain. Or as a "drug" that can cure only a SPECIFIC disease.

The thing is...

It's a lot more CONVINCING when you say;

"This Adrabakun Contains Medicinal Leaves & Herbs...Carefully Prepared to Cure only Cartarhh & Runny Nose. But it's not recommended for people who want to cure their Back Pains".

Than when you say;

"This Adrabakun cures, Back Pains, Cartarhh, Stomach Pain, Dysentery, Pile, Diarrhea, Headaches & Muscles Pains.

It will sound unprofessional and people's defense radar will go up. They'll be like; "drug of all disease, curer of none" Just like they say;"Jack of all trades, master of none" to people who claim they can solve every problem.

Now, ALTHOUGH I promised to share only three. But, let me brush on other elements you can use to make your copy, a wicked one.

1. Guarantees: people are always scared to pull out their wallets to pay for something. NOT because they don't want to spend. But they're wondering; "does it really work"? "what will happen if I don't get value for my money, will I get my money back?" "what if it's fake?" "what of it's a scam?"

Your guarantees should be tailored at addressing these and many more OBJECTIONS.

2. Social Proof: social proof is very important too. I remember when I contacted one low-key millionaire internet marketer to work as a as a copywriter in his agency(Name withheld)

He didn't give a damn about the fact the cold email I send was a bit good enough to kind of, convince him that I can write copy. He still asked for "a link to a sample copy I've written". I had to go and check my saved files on Google Docs to pull out and send him links to some, before he took me serious and agreed to work with me.

The thing is, give them samples of want you've done to see(if it's a service). Or give them proof that your stuff works. It will also help to strengthen your guarantees, It could be a testimonial, review, Fb post, case study or a sample of what you can do...or have done(either in text, screenshot OR video format).

And this "Proof" of a thing is the basic reason people get scammed through Ponzhi schemes. Use it to promote good things, though.

3. Price: This might also need a separate post to really break it down,  Your price needs to give them an "OMG! This is too cheap" feeling. There are many ways to get this done WITHOUT doing unnecessary discounts...that will might make you run at loss.

One trick is to add bonuses with pricetags. And then, cut a chunk of the supposed amount. Just like I did in the "goat for a cow technique", up there.

Another way is to compare the price with something they spend on... That is of LOW value/little benefit than what you're offering.

4.) Benefits: This one has been overemphasized shah. Almost everybody knows that you need to "sell the benefits", that's what they stand to gain if they take your offer.

But there is a way you can make yours a LOT more desirable...even if your copy is shown to the same audience with someone else's copy.

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