Wednesday, 1 April 2020

How to get a Free VPN IN 3 Simple Steps

Three easy to steps on how individual can get free VPN

What VPN does is that it helps you connect to a virtual server as a result your location changes to the location of the server. Hence, what websites will be seeing is the region given to you by the server not your actual location.

VPN is simply Virtual Private Network, without VPN websites can 'approximate' your location. Approximate in the sense that it may not be exact, but it'll likely pick up your country or region.

In one of  my recent communication with a friend, she shared how she struggled to make an international payment but as soon as she used a VPN and changed her location it went through quickly.

The reality is that because of our Third World image there are a lot of stuff we can't access internationally, so here's a very simple way to overcome this with few clicks on your PC.

1. Download and install the latest Opera Browser (Stable). I know most of us prefer Chrome and Firefox, I used to too but Opera offers free and unlimited VPN plus 10 other features not available on Chrome and Firefox like built-in messengers.

2. Head over to Settings, click on 'advanced' from the drop down menu click on 'features' and then 'enable VPN'.

3. When once you do this, you'll see 'VPN' on the browers status bar. Click on it (you can see image below) from there you'll be given 3 options - Americas, Europe and Asia. Select the one of your choice. And you're good to go, no putting of codes here and there or whatsoever.

Now there are other options available but I think this is quite easy to use.

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