Saturday, 4 April 2020

Steps to Send Large Video File through Gmail with your Android Phone and PC

Easy to follow approach to send large video file via gmail with your smart phone and PC
Have you been trying your best to send a video of about 100mb to a friend or family but you encounter a problem doing that? well you are not alone, it has happened to me and others out their too.

Anyways, this might just be a remedy, You can send it with your Gmail ( alongside your Google drive).

But then you can't send a large video files above 25MB directly via your Gmail, you need to first upload it in Google drive and thereafter send it to your Gmail, and have it downloaded by your recipient ( receiver).

Below is the guide that explain how you can achieve that


1. Go to your Gmail: Enter the receiver's email address eg:

2. Go to the attach file: Select the video you want to send ( a notification will pop up)." The files you are trying to send exceed the 25MB total attachment limit).

3. Open your Google drive: search/click on the plus sign, then click on upload. Select the video files that you want to send. Click on allow( wait until the uploading is complete).

4. Copy the link: now go back to your Gmail. Paste the link and send it. Go check the email. click on the 3 dots and click on download. You can then view the video.

Is it not that simple? hope you find this content useful? incase you encounter any problem in carrying out the above procedure, kindly let us know via the comment section, our team are always ready to guide you through.

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