Friday, 22 May 2020

Tricks To Check Airtel Night Data Balance

Tricks To Check Airtel Night Data Balance on Phone and on PC
Tricks To Check Airtel Night Data Balance

In one of our recent post, we discussed extensively Latest Airtel Night plan SmartTrybe: Get 500MB For #25 & 1.5GB For #200. Although we stated the solutions to check the Night data balance their but we are creating this post purposely because of those that missed the post but are curious to know the solution on how to check their Airtel Night data balance through the help of search engines.

Airtel night data plan is one of the plan which allows airtel users to browse and download endlessly during the hour of 12am and 4am with very little amount. if you are yet to know about this read the details in the link provided above.

As good as this plan is, it is still deficient in just an area of checking the data balance. The normal airtel USSD code to check data balance is not working for it, therefore we have provided the trick which you can use to monitor the amount of data consumed both on phone and on your PC (modem)..

How To Check Airtel Night Data Balance on Phone

Below are the tricks highlighted to check airtel data balance on your Phone

1. Go to phone settings .

2. Access and select the Data Usage option.

3. Open and toggle the date to display starting from the exact subscription was done. (This shows a data stats showing only data you’ve used that day)

4. Set a data limit and monitor when you’ve reached or exceeded the daily limit you’ve set. 

How To Check Airtel Night Data Balance on PC (Modem)

On you computer there is usually an option called“Limits” depending on your modem be it “Zte” or “Hauwei”  then navigate to the settings option and set the limit.

This is basically the little trick  to keep track of  data balance since the default USSD code do not show  data usage.  you can as well use the above trick for any other network to track the amount of data consumed. Hope you enjoy this little tricks?

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