Sunday, 3 May 2020

Four Concepts to Disagree With to Get the Most Success for Your Business

The four concepts every business owners must disagree with to get the most success for their business.
Albert Einstein said: "Madness is doing the same thing while waiting for different results." To be unique, you have to think and act differently. Here are four concepts with which you should not take an opinion, do and produce different results;

1. PATIENT DOG EAT THE FATTEST BONE: In order to achieve the most success in your business, you should take every opportunity to do so. You certainly need a lot of time and patience to get the results you need, but you need to act quickly.

 I was in a bus when I heard a discussion between two women who were planning to meet a certain company that needed egg suppliers. This woman got off at the next bus stop, went to work and offered to be the egg supplier. While the other women were thinking about it, the other woman was acting on it.

The business world is no longer the survival of the fittest, but of the most intelligent, fastest and risk taker. While others are patient about executions, you go ahead and execute. You will go wrong along the way, but you will be happy to benefit from them. 

2. HAVE A PLAN B: You do not enter the business world with the mentality of resorting to your certificate or previous job if you fail. That means you have failed before you already started. Business is a DO OR DIE affair and you have to face it as it is. If you are not prepared for the sacrifices, you can give up. You need to be willing to work and make risky decisions in order to be successful. Business failure is not when things go wrong. It is a failure when you quit and return to the way you were. For enormous success, you must be prepared. Great success is not cheap. You have to do your best.

3. DO NOT PLACE YOUR EGG IN A BASKET: You must put the eggs in a basket. This will help you read more and do more research before making your decision. Putting eggs in a basket is risky, and that's what successful people do. 

They don't do it with ignorance or arrogance. When you put your eggs in a basket, you will be careful not to make decisions that harm your business. When Elon Musk invested all the money he received from Paypal sales in SpaceX and Tesla and decided on a loan, he was vehemently criticized, but today he plans to make Mars a habitable planet for humans, and Tesla creates one of the best cars on to the world. He has invested where he can lose the most money. 

4.DO WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING: The market still favors leading industry. Indomie will continue to be recognized as the best maker of noodles. Coca-Cola will continue to be recognized as the best maker of cola. They are favored by the market because they have not done what others do, they have recognized their own path and paved the way. Now this track is used by many cola and noodle companies. Do it differently and you will be recognized for it ... I hope these 4 concepts will help you gain a new vision as a business owner.

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