Tuesday, 5 May 2020

How to Make Six Figures in a Month

Simple and easy to follow guide on how individual can start making six figures in a month irrespective of your background
If you're not making 100k and above monthly yet, I wouldn't blame you. It could probably be that you don't have the right information yet, but if after reading this post, you still end up not making at least 100k monthly, then making money is not for you.

I'm not going to tell you stories or try to motivate you. I'll just go straight into how you can setup the foundation to making at least 100k monthly.

This is how most of us started and this step is still valid till next year.

Steps to Make 6 Figures in a Month

1. Create a Facebook page (It's absolutely free)
2. Give the page a niche-generic name.
Here's what I mean., Instead of naming the page "Hair Conner", name it "Beauty Corner". In that way, you can sell anything within the beauty niche.

You still don't understand me? In 2017, one of my pages had a generic beauty name. I sold hair growth cream, bleaching cream, stretch marks removal, acne treatment, etc, using just that page.

If you name your page "Hair Corner" and you see a product on Cellulite, you'll have to create a new page for the product, which in my opinion, is not a wise decision. Now you have a business page, the next thing to do is...

3. Setup your page properly (Profile picture, cover photo, phone number, chose contact button, etc)
4. Look out for people who have products such as pimples treatment, acne removal, hair growth cream, etc. You can find these people at tradefair, idumota, Balogun market, etc.
5. Once you decide on which product to sell, get a short video and pictures of the product.
6. Post it on your page.
7. Don't share it on your personal Facebook profile.
8. Go to your Ads manager and create a proper Advert to promote the product. Video Ads work better than image.
9. Never use the "Boost Post" that appears under your page post. That's a total waste of money.
10. Target women between 25-40 with your Ads.
11. Spens at least 1.5k daily on the Ads (this is a very poor amount to spend daily, but it's a good place to start).
12. Any sale you make, reinvest the money into Ads.
13. Since it's a physical product, don't sell anything for less than 5k, for starters.
14. If you do this well, you'll make probably over 50k in your first month, as a beginner, so far you're selling something that people want and it's something that works.

By the second month, you've gained some experience, you'll see areas where you need to improve. By the third month, you'll be hitting over 150k monthly.

There's no magic to this, it's very simple like that, but it's not easy. So you must be ready to put in your best shift.

Guess what? Now, this is where your challenge will come...

The only place I think you will experience difficulty is in running Facebook Ads that will bring in sales.

Most of you will end up wasting the small money you have, because you don't know how to run Ad the proper way that would generate sales.

But don't worry, I already got you covered on that. My course "FACEBOOK ADS MASTERY" will show you step-by-step how to setup and run a profitable Facebook Advert.

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