Tuesday, 5 May 2020

How To Make 6-Figures Monthly Income With Your Skill

How To Make 6-Figures Monthly Income With Your Skill, Even If You Don't Have A Dime Right Now.
In one of my recent post, i revealed to you the 4 most profitable skills to be learn in the year 2020, as you all know skill that dont bring in money is as useless as nothing. in this post i will be revealing how you can be making 6-figures monthly income from those skills.

I will not beat around the Bush here. Follow these guidelines and you'll become a six figure monthly income earner in the next 60 days or less.

These are the exact same steps that has been working for me and it would work for you too, if you replicate it. All you need is a skill that is in demand.

Skills like Facebook Ad, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Copywriting, Blogging, Social Media Page Management, Content Creation, Web design, etc.

Steps to Make 6 Figures Monthly Income With Skill

Now let's get down to the steps. I have numbered them 1-14.
1. Flood your timeline with knowledge.
2. Share your story.
3. Give out loads of helpful information for free.
4. Do this everyday for one 30 days.
5. Share your success stories.
6. Work with 3-5 close friends/family businesses for free.
7. Ask them for reviews/testimonials.
8. Share the reviews/testimonials.
9. Keep putting out helpful and practical piece of information for free.
10. Give your TL a human feeling. Don't be a robot.
11. Do this every "gademn" day for 30 days.
12. Now it's time to make a list of businesses you'd like to work with.
13. Study the businesses. Know what they are doing well, what they need to improve on and what they are not doing at all.
14. Send them a Pitch via DM on Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter.

When they receive your DM, this is what would happen.They'd definitely visit your TL to see who is sending such message to them.

Guess what they'll see when they visit your TL? Just take a guess...

First, they'll see your bio (if your bio is a mess, go and un-mess it after reading this). Next, they'll see an online library.

Yes, that's correct. Your TL would be a huge learning center for them. They'll be blown away by the dose of helpful information you have on your TL.

You have already established yourself as an authority before them. They've already developed a certain level of respect for you, instantly.

Those who have the money would give you their money to work with them. Those who don't have the money at the moment would refer you when they come across a friend who needs a service that you can render.

You don't need any soothsayer to tell you that your TL is your digital CV. How do I know that this would work? It's because I have done it. I still do, and it still works.

Now here's what I want you to do...Go to your TL now and tear down anything and everything that does not have any impact in who you want to become.
Review every tag that appears on your timeline, tear down all the nonsense tags on your TL. Your TL should not be a dumping ground for irrelevant stuff.

Review the kind of content you share. Begin to position yourself strategically, so that when you make pitches, people would listen.

Position yourself in such a way that when people visit your profile, dem go believe. Now go and do the same on your TL. Starting from your bio.

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